PCB Wizard 3
  Standard/Professional editions
    I have been using your Livewire and PCB Wizard software for several months now and wish to congratulate you on producing these excellent products.  
David Fisher, Salisbury, UK
    I must say that I am impressed with your Livewire and PCB Wizard software, and the level of support you provide.  
Tony Green, Bedfordshire, UK
    I recently purchased your Livewire and PCB Wizard. My congratulations on your great software at such affordable prices!  
John Mastromoro, JFM Compositions, USA
    I would like to thank you for producing such as excellent series of products [Livewire and PCB Wizard 3]. I am saving a lot of time not having to construct breadboard layouts.  
Charles Williams, Harrogate, UK
    I just bought PCB Wizard 3.5 from Circuit Specialists in Arizona and I must say you guys are probably on you’re way to having one of the most desired pieces of software for electronics enthusiasts on the planet! All the basic features are there, with a very intuitive interface and a price that’s too good to pass up. It would be worth it at twice the price, but please don’t change it just yet!  
David Maggiano, Arizona, USA
    I recently purchased a copy of Livewire and PCB Wizard 3 to undertake my technology project and I would like to compliment yourselves on the excellent software and the ease of use.  
Geoff Hooper, Staffordshire, UK
    I am not surprised to hear that you are being swamped with sales of Livewire and PCB Wizard. I think the price is too low. Excellent value!  
Bruce Wigley, McLaren Vale, South Australia
    I purchased PCB Wizard over the weekend and must congratulate you on the excellent presentation and intuitive interfaces.  
Chris Hooley, CH Lighting Design, UK
    Your PCB Wizard 3 software is amazing.  
Patrick Elisha, Contrivances Engineering
Kwara State, Nigeria
    PCB Wizard 3.5 is very useful and has just about everything an engineer could want.  
Oliver Bailey, Illinois, USA
    I’m really impressed with your products. I would have thought that they cost in the 500-600 Dollar range. PCB Wizard 3 seems to do all I need and then some.  
Charlie Moore, South Carolina, USA
    What a brilliant product [PCB Wizard 3]. I have been doing electronics both as a career and a hobby for years… Your product is the best by far having tried Orcad, Eagle, Ultimate, Easy-PC, etc.  
Geoff Bowcock, West Yorkshire, UK
    Just bought and tried out your PCB software. Thought I’d let you know how impressed I am with the ease of use. It’s a great piece of software.  
Alan Robison, Manchester, UK
    I just installed the free update to PCB Wizard v3.5. I then created four new circuit boards and it worked wonderfully. I really like the way it lays the components out similar to the schematic drawing. That was well needed!  
Jonathan Ramsbottom, Louisiana, USA
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