Circuit Wizard
  Standard/Professional editions
Q. How does Circuit Wizard compare with Livewire and PCB Wizard 3?
A. Circuit Wizard offers all the features of Livewire and PCB Wizard 3, plus PCB simulation, instrument simulation and PCB CAD export for enclosure design. We have also added SPICE, improved the auto-router and re-engineered the link between circuit design and PCB layout to offer tighter integration.
Q. What is the difference between Circuit Wizard Standard edition and Circuit Wizard Professional edition?
A. Please visit the Features section of our website for an explanation of the differences between editions.
Q. Is Circuit Wizard compatible with Bright Spark, Control Studio 2, Livewire and PCB Wizard 3?
A. Yes, Circuit Wizard is fully compatible with all our current products.
Q. Can I create my own components?
A. Yes, you can create your own components. However, they will not simulate. For simulation components, please let us know which components you would like to see, so that we can consider adding them to future versions of the software.
Q. What is the maximum permitted board size?
A. The maximum size of board that can be automatically generated is 10"x10", however there are no limitations (other than those imposed by your printer) for manually-placed boards. Also, there are no component or pin limitations in the software.
Q. Do you plan to release a Mac or Linux version?
A. We currently have no plans to port Circuit Wizard to either the Apple OS X or Linux operating systems.
Technical Support
  For all technical support questions, or if you need assistance with your software, please visit our technical support page.
Sales and Licensing
Q. How much does Circuit Wizard cost?
A. To see pricing information, purchase the software online or contact one of our international resellers, please visit our Sales page.
Q. How does your licensing work?
A. The Standard edition is not eligible for use within an education establishment or for any commercial use. For commercial use you will need the Professional edition.
  Both the Standard and Professional edition licenses allow the software to be installed and used on one computer.
Q. Can the Standard edition be used at a school or college?
A. The Standard edition is not permitted to be used within a school or college. For single-user installations, the Education edition must be purchased (see here).
Q. I have had to reformat my hard disk and my unlock code no longer works. What should I do?
A. Please click here for all questions relating to registering and activating your software.
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