Circuit Wizard support
Below you can find answers to some of the most common support questions for Circuit Wizard.
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Installation and activation   Using the software
Updating the software   Further support information
For help regarding sales and ordering, please visit our sales page.
Please note that technical support for this product is limited to the installation of the software and faults. Unfortunately we cannot help with the troubleshooting of users' circuits or designs.
If you have problems, we first recommend that you check to ensure that you have the latest product version installed by visiting here.
Installation and activation
Help for getting the software ready to use on your computer.
InstallShield errors appearing during installation
Installing the software on a network [multi-user license only]
Obtaining an unlock code to activate your software
Updating the software
Help for downloading and installing updates to your software.
Updating your existing software to the latest version
Using the software
Help with using the software and anwers to common questions.
Learning how to use the software
How can I select a different simulation model?
Where can I find the rest of a multi-part symbol?
The component I want to use is not in the library
How can I use surface mount components?
Creating custom components or circuit symbols
Digital circuit symbols missing power/ground pins
High frequency signals are not simulating correctly
My circuit will not route completely automatically
My circuit does not print correctly
Which files do I need when exporting to Gerber?
Further support information
If you still experience problems after going through all of the technical support options above, please contact your local supplier or e-mail us at (installation/faults only).
Please note that in order to determine your eligibility to receive technical support by e-mail, you will need to provide your product serial number (this is the number used during installation).
To help us investigate your issue, please also choose System Info from the Help menu to generate a report that describes your installation of the software. In addition, if your issue relates to a specific file, you should include that file as an attachment.
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