Bright Spark
  Educational edition
    Bright Spark comes with a wide assortment of interactive courseware that provides an excellent introduction to the fundamentals of electronics… This software certainly makes teaching electronics the easy way a reachable goal for any teacher.  
Harry Hawkins, Professor
State University of New York, USA
    I recently purchased an educational version of Bright Spark and have had great success using it for presentations in my classroom. I teach electronics at the community college level and find the circuit animations very useful in demonstrating complicated subjects… The students like the visual learning and do much better in tests and lab projects as a result.  
Bruce Lampe, Electronics teachers
Pearl River Community College, USA
    I have written you into the BETT show. It is around ten lines of absolute praise for a wonderful suite of software.  
Jonathan Boyle, Walsall Academy
West Midlands, UK
    How do I obtain a copy of Bright Spark for Home use? I downloaded a trial copy and used it to help my son understand some circuits he was building for a science competition. Wonderful software!  
Thom Mullins, USA
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