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Creating your own components
Learn how to create your own (non simulating) circuit symbol and PCB components by customizing the Circuit Wizard library.
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Video Tutorials
Drawing an elementary circuit
See how Circuit Wizard can introduce the basics of electrical circuits by allowing simple, life-like circuits to be drawn and simulated.
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3 mins
Drawing circuit diagrams
Introduces circuit (schematic) diagrams by showing how a transistor-based lighting circuit can be drawn.
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4 mins
Understanding circuit simulation
Once drawn, a circuit diagram can then be simulated. This video introduces some of the ways in which the simulation can be controlled.
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4 mins
Converting to a PCB automatically
To make the circuit for real, Circuit Wizard allows you to convert the circuit diagram into a PCB layout automatically.
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4 mins
Drawing PCB layouts manually
For more control, you can create your own PCB layouts completely from stractch using a range of built-in manual drawing tools.
Adobe Flash® format 4.20 MB
6 mins
Understanding PCB simulation
Introduces some of the ways in which the simulation of a PCB layout can be controlled.
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4 mins
Using virtual instruments
Demonstrates how virtual instruments can be used to take measurements of your circuits as they simulate.
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4 mins
Breadboarding a circuit
Shows how a circuit prototype can be created and simulated using virtual, on-screen breadboards.
Adobe Flash® format 2.76 MB
4 mins
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