Educational edition
    What’s the verdict? As you may have gathered from reading this, I’m sold… I’m still going to have to teach V= IxR and the meaning of Schmitt, but here’s a set of tools that have already made an impact on the quality of my teaching and the ease of learning in the classroom. Buy it!  
Richard Sykes, Bramhall High School
Stockport, UK
    I am currently using Livewire during my studies for HNC electronics and I find that it stands head and shoulders above the rest in user friendliness.  
Stephen Smith, Worcestershire, UK
    We have Livewire at our school and I find it an excellent product.  
Mark Hayman, Technology Department
Holmfirth School, Huddersfield, UK
    I am using Livewire with college students in our Music Recording degree program. The software is a pleasure to teach with. It has made both my demonstrations and the students labs much easier.  
Michael Stucker
Indiana University School of Music, USA
    Both programs [Livewire and PCB Wizard] seem excellent and were exactly what I needed (as a Professor of Pharmaceutics I need to stay ahead of the students and electronics was, in the past, usually just a matter of fixing the car!).  
Clive Wilson, Glasgow, UK
    I must say that I am impressed with your Livewire and PCB Wizard software, and the level of support you provide.  
Tony Green, Bedfordshire, UK
    I recently bought a copy of your excellent Livewire software for my personal use and am so impressed that I am going to order it for my school.  
Mark Harvey, Technology Department
Aylesbury School, Buckinghamshire, UK
    I have written you into the BETT show. It is around ten lines of absolute praise for a wonderful suite of software.  
Jonathan Boyle, Walsall Academy
West Midlands, UK
    I recently purchased a copy of Livewire and PCB Wizard 3 to undertake my technology project and I would like to compliment yourselves on the excellent software and the ease of use.  
Geoff Hooper, Staffordshire, UK
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