Control Studio 2
  Educational edition
    Control Studio combined with PCB Wizard is truly outstanding. It may not be for the purists, however if you are a teacher and you want quick results with minimal fuss then this is what you need… What is even more remarkable is that the transition to PCB is seamless, painless and very, very quick. The whole system is intuitive and within a matter of minutes you can produce the most ridiculously complex circuit and translate it to a PCB.  
    The student's verdict on Control Studio has been a unanimous 'thumbs up'. Circuits that used to be made using Crocodile Clips and PCB Wizard are now produced in a fraction of the time with Control Studio and PCB Wizard. My problem now is how to slow the students down!  
    I have written you into the BETT show. It is around ten lines of absolute praise for a wonderful suite of software.  
Jonathan Boyle, Walsall Academy
West Midlands, UK
    New Wave Concepts have worked closely with teachers to produce a program that will help make the teaching of electronics much easier and more enjoyable. Control Studio is a user-friendly software package that can be utilised to great effect in teaching electronics across the full spectrum of KS3 to KS5… It gives a sound foundation and progression in teaching electronics and comes with the excellent on-line support and backup we have come to expect from New Wave Concepts… Control Studio is an essential piece of software for any teacher wishing to make the teaching of electronics that little bit easier.  
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