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My circuit does not print correctly
The following sections will help you resolve printing problems.
The circuit diagram always prints in black and white
Circuit diagrams are normally printed in black and white for clarity. You can change this behaviour by doing the following:
In Circuit Wizard, choose Options from the Project menu and then click on the Circuit tab.
In Livewire or PCB Wizard, choose Options from the Tools menu and then click on the Symbols tab.
Once done, disable the Always print circuit diagrams in black and white option. The circuit diagram will now print as shown on screen.
The PCB layout does not print in the correct style
By default, PCB layouts will be printed using the same style as shown on screen. You can print in a different style by choosing one the style options from the File | Print menu.
The circuit diagram/PCB layout is too small or off-the-page
This occurs when there is an object somewhere off the page (that you've accidentally placed) which is also being printed. If correct, you will probably be receiving a message indicating that the print will be scaled to fit.
To fix, zoom out of the circuit to locate the object that needs to be deleted. Choosing View | Normal can help with this step.
If you cannot find the object, do a lasso (drag with mouse) selection of all the objects you can see (don't use the Select All command) and then copy and paste them into a new document.


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