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Where can I find the rest of a multi-part symbol?
Some components such as a 4001B NOR gate IC are made up of several independent gates or parts (four in this example).
With circuit diagram symbols in Circuit Wizard, Livewire and PCB Wizard, you need to drag on another symbol for each of the parts you wish to use.
When you add additional symbols, the software will automatically allocate different part or gates to the same physical IC. A letter after the symbol's number will indicate to which part of the IC it refers, for example IC1a, IC1b, IC1c and so on.
Common examples of multi-part symbols
Below you can find some common examples of multi-part symbols.
CMOS and TTL logic gate components are the most common type of multi-part symbols. Typically there are two or four gates per IC.
A NE556 timer is equivalent to two NE555 timers in a single IC.
Digital flip-flop ICs such as the 4013B or the 7474 contain two separate parts within the same physical device.
Transistor driver ICs often feature many individual transistor outputs. The ULN2803 for example contains eight such drivers.
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