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The component I want to use is not in the library
If the component you want to use is not in the library, please let us know so that we can consider it for future versions of the software.
Click here to send us your suggestions or e-mail them to
Which components are included in the library?
If you would like to see which components are included in the library for a particular product, please visit our Products page to choose the appropriate product edition and from the page that then appears, click on the Library link shown on the left-hand side.
Please note that the circuit diagram gallery within the software only shows the symbols themselves and that some symbols, such as NPN transistors support a range of real-life models. To see how you can select a model in Circuit Wizard or Livewire, please click here; PCB Wizard users should instead click here.
If you have Circuit Wizard, Livewire or PCB Wizard and are looking to draw a circuit diagram involving a digital component that is not included within the library, you can make use of a range of DIL (dual-in-line) IC symbols. These non-simulating components will allow you to draw the circuit diagram and if needed, convert to a PCB layout.
Creating custom components
Circuit Wizard and PCB Wizard allow you to create your own custom components and add them to the library. These will not simulate, but do allow you to draw the circuit diagram and convert it into a PCB layout. Click here to see how you can create custom components.
Bright Spark and Livewire do not include support for creating custom components. Users of those products should contact us to let us know which components they would like to see added.
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