Standard/Professional editions
    Livewire is a superb product! I am delighted with the interface (cannot fault it) and it has helped me get a feel for components and circuit design, more so that any other resource. I am also impressed at how well it runs on a Win98 laptop.  
Russ Packer, Surrey, UK
    I recently purchased your Livewire and PCB Wizard. My congratulations on your great software at such affordable prices!  
John Mastromoro, JFM Compositions, USA
    I have been using your Livewire and PCB Wizard software for several months now and wish to congratulate you on producing these excellent products.  
David Fisher, Salisbury, UK
    I recently tried out Livewire and I am very impressed. The user interface is very friendly and is perfect for a hobbyist like me. The price is right too.  
Dylan Taft, New York, USA
    I must say that I am impressed with your Livewire and PCB Wizard software, and the level of support you provide.  
Tony Green, Bedfordshire, UK
    This software [Livewire] looks to be very useful for me and I’m glad I spent the money. It’s infinitely easier than using a breadboard, wires and components. If a decent breadboard costs $20 at RadioShack, this software for $50 is phenomenal.  
David Niles, California, USA
    I recently bought a copy of your excellent Livewire software for my personal use and am so impressed that I am going to order it for my school.  
Mark Harvey, Buckinghamshire, UK
    I am not surprised to hear that you are being swamped with sales of Livewire and PCB Wizard. I think the price is too low. Excellent value!  
Bruce Wigley, McLaren Vale, Australia
    I recently purchased a copy of Livewire and PCB Wizard 3 to undertake my technology project and I would like to compliment yourselves on the excellent software and the ease of use.  
Geoff Hooper, Staffordshire, UK
    I would like to thank you for producing such as excellent series of products [Livewire and PCB Wizard 3]. I am saving a lot of time not having to construct breadboard layouts.  
Charles Williams, Harrogate, UK
    Most impressed with Livewire. Excellent value.  
Chris Shaw, Stockport, UK
    I just purchased Livewire to help in my hobby of learning electronics. I love the simplicity of working with Livewire…The interface is so intuitive… Thanks for making a great program! 
Chris Sebrell, North Carolina, USA
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