Standard/Professional editions
Livewire supports the following components (components shown in red are not available in the Standard edition).
General components
Power supplies

Battery, Cell, Ground, Voltage Rail, Zero Volt Rail, Variable Input Voltage, DC Voltage Source, AC Voltage Source, Current Source, Fuse, Voltage Regulator


Rail, Terminals, SILs, DILs

Input components

Push-to-Make switch, Push-to-Break switch, SPST switch, SPDT switch, DPST switch, DPDT switch, Variable Resistor, Potentiometer, LDR, Thermistor (300R to 100K at 25°C), Photo-Transistor, Opto-Isolator, Crystal Oscillator (32.768KHz to 24.576MHz)

Note that thermistor and crystal oscillator input components are available in a selection of model variations.

Passive components

Resistors, Resistor Packs, SIL resistors, Capacitor, Electrolytic Capacitor, Variable Capacitor, Inductor, Variable Inductor, Transformer (centre-tapped)

Discrete semiconductors

Diode, Zener Diode, Thyristor (SCR), Bridge Rectifier, NPN Transistor, PNP Transistor, N-Channel MOSFET, P-Channel MOSFET, N-Channel JFET, P-Channel JFET

Logic gates

Clock, Input, Output, NOT (Inverter), AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR, Schmitt Inverter, Schmitt NAND

Integrated circuits (ICs)

4000B series, 74LS series, 74HC series, Operational Amplifier, 555 timer, Dot/Bar Display Driver, L293D half-H driver, ULN2003 and ULN2803 darlington array drivers

Output components

Bulb, Lamp, Buzzer, Loudspeaker, Motor, SPDT Relay, DPDT Relay, Solenoid, LED, Flashing LED, Bi-Colour LED, Tri-Colour LED, 7-Segment Display, Dual 7-Segment Display, 16-Segment Display, Bargraph Display, 5x7 Matrix Display

Note that the above output components are available in a selection of power and colour variations.

Discrete semiconductors

Ideal, 1N914, 1N916, 1N4001, 1N4002, 1N4003, 1N4004, 1N4005, 1N4006, 1N4007, 1N4148, 1N4149, 1N4150, 1N5400, 1N5401, 1N5402, 1N5404, 1N5406, 1N5407, 1N5408, 1N34A, 1N34X, 1N38, 1N38A, 1N39, 1N44, 1N45, 1N54, 1N54A, 1N55, 1N55A, 1N55B, 1N71, 1N75, 1N84, 1N91, 1N92, 1N93, 1N94, 1N96, 1N96A, 1N98, 1N456, 1N456A, 1N457, 1N457A, 1N458, 1N458A, 1N459, 1N459A, 1N462A, 1N463A, 1N914A, 1N914B, 1N916A, 1N916B, 1N3064, 1N3070, 1N3288A, 1N3289A, 1N3290A, 1N3291A, 1N3292B, 1N3293A, 1N3294A, 1N3295A, 1N3296A, 1N4151, 1N4152, 1N4153, 1N4154, 1N4244, 1N4305, 1N4446, 1N4447, 1N4448, 1N4449, 1N4454, 1N4933, 1N4934, 1N4935, 1N4936, 1N4937, 1N4938, 1N5391, 1N5392, 1N5393, 1N5395, 1N5397, 1N5398, 1N5399, 1N6095, 1N6096, 1N6097, 1N6391, 1N6392, BA157GP, BA158GP, BA159GP, BAR28, BAT41, BAT42, BAT43, BAT46, BAT47, BAT48, BAT49, BAT54, BAV21, BAW62, BYM36C, BYM36E, FD700, FD777, FDH300, FDH300A, FDH333, FDH400, FDH444, FDH600, FDH3595, FJT1100, FJT1101, FJT1102, OA90, OA91

Zener diodes

BZX55C 2V7, BZX55C 3V0, BZX55C 3V3, BZX55C 3V6, BZX55C 3V9, BZX55C 4V3, BZX55C 4V7, BZX55C 5V1, BZX55C 5V6, BZX55C 6V2, BZX55C 6V8, BZX55C 7V5, BZX55C 8V2, BZX55C 9V1, 1N746 3V3, 1N747 3V6, 1N748 3V9, 1N749 4V3, 1N750 4V7, 1N751 5V1, 1N752 5V6, 1N753 6V2, 1N754 6V8, 1N755 7V5, 1N756 8V2, 1N757 9V1, 1N758 10V0, 1N759 12V0, 1N4728 3V3, 1N4729 3V6, 1N4730 3V9, 1N4731 4V3, 1N4732 4V7, 1N4733 5V1, 1N4734 5V1, 1N4735 6V2, 1N4736 6V8, 1N4737 7V5, 1N4738 8V2, 1N4739 9V1, 1N4740 10V0, 1N4741 11V0, 1N4742 12V0, 1N4743 13V0, 1N4744 15V0, 1N4745 16V0, 1N4746 18V0, 1N4747 20V0, 1N4748 22V0, 1N4749 24V0, 1N4750 27V0, 1N4751 30V0, 1N4752 33V0, 1N4753 36V0, 1N4754 39V0, 1N4755 43V0, 1N4756 47V0, 1N4757 47V0, 1N4758 56V0, 1N4759 62V0, 1N4760 68V0, 1N4761 75V0, 1N4762 82V0, 1N4763 91V0, 1N4764 100V0, 1N5342B 6V8, 1N5344B 8V2, 1N5346B 9V1, 1N5348B 11V0, 1N5350B 13V0, 1N5351B 14V0, 1N5353B 16V0, 1N5355B 18V0, 1N5357B 20V0, 1N5359B 24V0, 1N5361B 27V0, 1N5363B 30V0, 1N5365B 36V0, 1N5367B 43V0, 1N5369B 51V0, 1N5371B 60V0, 1N5373B 68V0, 1N5375B 82V0, 1N5377B 91V0, 1N5379B 110V0, 1N5381B 130V0, 1N5383B 150V0, 1N5385B 170V0, 1N5387B 190V0

Thyristors (SCRs)

Ideal, 2N5060, 2N5061, 2N5062, C106D, C106M, 2N5063, 2N5064

Bridge rectifiers

Ideal, 2KBP01, 2KBP02, 2KBP04, 2KBP06, 2KBP08, 2KBP10, KBPC101, KBPC102, KBPC104, KBPC106, KBPC108, KBPC110, 3N246, 3N247, 3N248, 3N249, 3N250, 3N251, 3N252, 3N253, 3N254, 3N255, 3N256, 3N257, 3N258, 3N259, KBPC6005, KBPC601, KBPC602, KBPC604, KBPC606, KBPC608, KBPC610, MDA2500, MDA2501, MDA2502, MDA2504, MDA2506, MDA3500, MDA3501, MDA3502, MDA3504, MDA3506, MDA3508, MDA3510, MDA3550, MDA3551, MDA980-1, MDA980-2, MDA980-3, MDA980-4, MDA980-5, MDA980-6, MDA990-1, MDA990-2, MDA990-3, MDA990-4, MDA990-5, MDA990-6

NPN bipolar transistors

Ideal, 2N2222A, 2N3904, BC107B, BC108B, BC237B, BC238B, BC337, BC338, BC413B, BC414B, BC547B, BC548B, BC549B, BC550B, BC639, BCX38B, BFY51, TIP31C, TIP41A, ZTX107, ZTX300, ZTX302, ZTX360, ZTX601B, ZTX604B, ZTX605B, ZTX650, ZTX651, ZTX652, 2N2219A, 2N2369A, 2N2484, 2N2712, 2N2714, 2N2923, 2N2924, 2N2925, 2N3019, 2N3053, 2N3055, 2N3055A, 2N3390, 2N3391, 2N3391A, 2N3392, 2N3393, 2N3394, 2N3414, 2N3415, 2N3416, 2N3417, 2N3707, 2N3711, 2N3903, 2N4400, 2N4401, 2N4410, 2N5550, 2N5769, 2N5830, 2N5551, 2N6043, 2N6045, 2N6284, 2N6387, 2N6388, 2N6487, 2N6488, 2N6667, 2N6668, 2N6714, 2N6715, BC182B, BC183B, BC184B, BD135, BD139, BD237, BD243B, BD243C, BD435, BD437, BD439, BD441, BD675, BD675A, BD677, BD677A, BD679, BD679A, BD681, BDV65B, BDW42, BDW93C, BDX33B, BDX33C, BDX53B, BDX53C, BF259, BFX85, BFY50, BFY52, BU323Z, MJ11012, MJ11016, MJH11022, MJ11028, MJ11030, MJ11032, MJE270, MJE5740, MJE5742, MJE800, MJE802, MJE803, MJF122, MPS2924, MPS2925, MPS2926, MPS3392, MPS3393, MPS3395, MPS3646, MPS3704, MPS3707, MPS3711, MPS3826, MPS3827, MPS3904, MPS5172, MPS5179, MPS6512, MPS6513, MPS6514, MPS6515, MPS6520, MPS6521, MPS6531, MPS6565, MPS6566, MPS6566, MPS8098, MPS8099, MPSA05, MPSA06, MPSA10, MPSA18, MPSA20, MPSA42, MPSA43, PN2222, PN2222A, PN2369, PN2369A, PN2484, PN3565, PN3641, PN3642, PN3643, PN3646, PN3694, PN4141, PN4274, PN4275, PN5128, PN5129, PN5133, PN5134, PN5135, PN5136, PN5137, PN5179, PN930, TIP29, TIP29A, TIP29B, TIP29C, TIP31A, TIP31B, TIP41B, TIP41C, TIP47, TIP48, TIP49, TIP100, TIP101, TIP102, TIP110, TIP111, TIP112, TIP120, TIP121, TIP122, TIP131, TIP132, TIP140, TIP141, TIP142, TIS92, TIS97, TIS98, TIS99, ZTX320, ZTX321, ZTX325, ZTX327, ZTX337, ZTX338, ZTX450, ZTX454, ZTX455, ZTX649, ZTX653, ZTX657, ZTX658, ZTX689B, ZTX690B, ZTX851, ZTX853, ZTX1048A, ZTX1051A, ZTX1053A

PNP bipolar transistors

Ideal, 2N2905A, 2N2907A, 2N5400, 2N5401, BC177, BC178, BC212, BC213, BC557, BC558, BC559, BC560, TIP32C, TIP42A, ZTX558, ZTX596, ZTX704, ZTX705, ZTX750, ZTX751, ZTX752, 2N3702, 2N3703, 2N3905, 2N3906, 2N4403, 2N5447, 2N5448, 2N5771, 2N5817, 2N6040, 2N6042, 2N6052, 2N6286, 2N6287, 2N6490, 2N6491, 2N6726, 2N6727, BC307, BC308, BC415, BC416, BCX42, BD136, BD140, BD238, BD244B, BD244C, BDV64B, BDW46, BDW47, BDW94C, BDX34B, BDX34C, BDX54B, BDX54C, BFX88, MJ11015, MJH11021, MJ11029, MJ11033, MJ2955, MJE271, MJE700, MJE702, MJE703, MJF127, MPS3638A, MPS3644, MPS3702, MPS3703, MPS6516, MPS6517, MPS6518, MPS6522, MPS6523, MPS6533, MPS6534, MPS6562, MPS8598, MPSA55, MPSA56, MPSA70, MPSA92, MPSA93, TIP30, TIP30A, TIP30B, TIP30C, TIP105, TIP106, TIP107, TIP115, TIP116, TIP117, TIP125, TIP126, TIP127, TIP145, TIP146, TIP147, ZTX549, ZTX550, ZTX554, ZTX555, ZTX749, ZTX753, ZTX757, ZTX758, ZTX789A, ZTX790A, ZTX951, ZTX1147A, ZTX1149A, ZTX1151A

N-channel MOSFETs

Ideal, 2N7000, 2N7002, BS170, BSS100, BSS123, ZVN2106A, ZVN3306A, BSD214, BSD215, IRF510, IRF520, IRF530, IRF540, IRF610, IRF614, IRF620, IRF624, IRF630, IRF634, IRF640, IRF644, IRF710, IRF720, IRF730, IRF740, IRF820, IRF830, IRF840, IRF1010, IRF7101, IRF7102, IRFBC20, IRFBC30, IRFBC40, IRFBE20, IRFBE30, IRFBF20, IRFBF30, IRFBG20, IRFBG30, IRFZ14, IRFZ24, IRFZ34, IRFZ44, IRFZ46, IRFZ48, ZVN0124, ZVN2110A, ZVN3310A, ZVN4210A, ZVN4306A, ZVN4310A, ZVN4424A

P-channel MOSFETs

Ideal, BSS84, BSS110, BSS192, BST100, BST110, ZVP2106A, ZVP3306A, ZVP4424A

N-channel JFETs

Ideal, 2N3370, 2N3684, 2N3685, 2N3686, 2N3687, 2N3821, 2N3822, 2N3823, BF244A, BF245A, BF246A, 2N3458, 2N3459, 2N3824, 2N4091, 2N4092, 2N4093, BC264A, BC264B, BC264C, BC264D, BF244B, BF244C, BF245B, BF245C, BF247A, BF256A, BF256B, BSJ108, BSJ109, BSJ110, BSV78, BSV79, BSV80

P-channel JFETs

Ideal, 2N2608, 2N2609, 2N4381, 2N5018, 2N5019, 2N5020, 2N5021, 2N5114, 2N5115, 2N5116

Analogue and mixed ICs
Timers and drivers

NE555, CM7555, LM3914, L293D half-H driver, ULN2003 and ULN2803 darlington array drivers, NE556, CM7556, LM3915, LM3916

Operational amplifiers (opamps)

Ideal, CA3140E, CA3240E, LM301A, LM311, LM318, LM324, LM741, TL031, TL071, TL072, TL074, uA741, CA3440, HA1-2539, HA1-2540, HA1-2541, HA1-2839, HA1-2840, HA1-2850, HA2-2510, HA2-2640, HA2-5142, HA2-5160, HA2-5160, HA3-2539, HA3-2540, LM112, LM124, LM144, LM118, LM212, LM218, LM224, LM258, LM2902, LM307, LM312, LM339, LM348, LM358, LM607, LM6118, LM6161, LM6165, LM6261, LM6262, LM6265, LM6361, LM759, LP124, LP2902, LP324, MC1436, MC1439, MC1456, MC1458, MC1536, MC1556, MC1558, MC1741, MC1748, MC3303, MC33178, MC33179, MC3372, MC33274, MC33282, MC3358, MC34001, MC3403, MC34181, MC3458, MC35001, MC3503, MC35181, MC3558, MC4558, TL061, TL062, TL064, TL081, TL082, TL084

Voltage regulators

7805, 7905, 78L05, 78L15, 79L05, 79L15, 7809, 7812, 7815, 7909, 7912, 7915, 78L09, 78L12, 79L09, 79L12

Digital ICs
4000B series (CMOS)

4001B, 4002B, 4008B, 4011B, 4012B, 4013B, 4017B, 4023B, 4024B, 4025B, 4026B, 4027B, 4028B, 4029B, 4030B, 4033B, 4040B, 4043B, 4044B, 4049B, 4050B, 4060B, 4063B, 4066B, 4068B, 4069B, 4070B, 4071B, 4072B, 4073B, 4075B, 4077B, 4078B, 4081B, 4082B, 4093B, 4510B, 4511B, 4516B, 4518B, 4520B, 4584B, 40106B, 4014B, 4015B, 4019B, 4020B, 4022B, 4032B, 4038B, 4512B, 4514B, 4585B

74LSxx series (TTL)

74LS00, 74LS02, 74LS04, 74LS08, 74LS10, 74LS11, 74LS14, 74LS20, 74LS21, 74LS27, 74LS30, 74LS32, 74LS37, 74LS40, 74LS42, 74LS47, 74LS73, 74LS74, 74LS76, 74LS85, 74LS86, 74LS90, 74LS92, 74LS93, 74LS107, 74LS125, 74LS132, 74LS160, 74LS161, 74LS190, 74LS191, 74LS192, 74LS266, 74LS06, 74LS07, 74LS16, 74LS17, 74LS83, 74LS96, 74LS151, 74LS153, 74LS157, 74LS164, 74LS165, 74LS193

74HCxx series (CMOS)

74HC00, 74HC02, 74HC04, 74HC08, 74HC10, 74HC11, 74HC14, 74HC20, 74HC21, 74HC27, 74HC30, 74HC32, 74HC37, 74HC40, 74HC42, 74HC47, 74HC73, 74HC74, 74HC76, 74HC85, 74HC86, 74HC90, 74HC92, 74HC93, 74HC107, 74HC125, 74HC132, 74HC160, 74HC161, 74HC190, 74HC191, 74HC192, 74HC266, 74HC06, 74HC07, 74HC16, 74HC17, 74HC83, 74HC96, 74HC151, 74HC153, 74HC157, 74HC164, 74HC165, 74HC193

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