Circuit Wizard
  Educational edition
    It is the simulation of a designed PCB together with off-board components that has stunned teachers on my ECT course. This feature will compel the majority of PCB Wizard users to upgrade.  
Paul Gardiner, Head of Electronics
Finham Park School, Coventry
    According to publicity material every new bit of software is the best thing ever—in this case, it proved exactly that… I used Circuit Wizard to check all of my students design work prior to printing the masks and commencing manufacture of the PCBs. As a result of using Circuit Wizard, I had no problems with faulty circuit design; the only problems were with incorrect assembly.  
David Smith, Technology Department
Coombeshead Collge, Newton Abbot
    Circuit Wizard’s integration makes it much easier to use than stand-alone applications… Outstanding in comparison with your competitor’s products.  
Carl Ibbotson, Design Technology Department
Holmfirth School, Holmfirth
    I found the transition from Livewire very easy… Excellent product.  
Gordon Hamilton, Technology Department
Light Hall School, Solihull
    Circuit Wizard is a great help to pupils testing their own PCBs. We are very pleased with the package.  
Stephen Worth, Design Technology Department
Wright Robinson Sports College, Manchester
    I have found Circuit Wizard very easy to use… All the features are excellent and I would give it 9 out of 10.  
Bridget Elton, Design Technology Department
Overton Grange School, Sutton
    I rate Circuit Wizard very highly indeed. It has now become the package of choice for Electronics Products and Systems & Control.  
Mark Harvey, Design Technology
Aylesbury Grammar School, Aylesbury
    Having read some of the reviews of Circuit Wizard, and purchasing it for my school on the strength of some of the positive comments, I have to congratulate you on an excellent piece of software. I've been a personal user of Livewire and PCB Wizard for about 3 years so I know many of the features of the software, but I have to say I am amazed by some of the additional features in Circuit Wizard, particularly the breadboard simulation function.  
Ryan Thomas, Head of Systems and RMT
Ysgol Tre-gib, Llandeilo, South Wales
    Auto routing is much better than my version of PCB Wizard… I particularly like the fact that circuit design and PCB design are all in one program (I previously used Crocodile Clips and PCB Wizard).  
Ian Tissington, Technology Department
St. John’s RC Comprehensive School, Bishop Auckland
    Very easy to use… Circuit Wizard deserves 10 out of  
Steve Davies, Technology Department
Tarporley Community High School, Tarporley
    The auto-routing aspect of Circuit Wizard works better than other packages I have used… PCB simulation is a real bonus!! Having had students frequently make mistakes in manually converting circuits to PCB layouts (and having missed these errors myself under the pressure of working with groups of students on different circuits), I believe that this is without doubt the most useful feature in Circuit Wizard. It is also something that I am not aware of in any other software…There is no doubt in my mind that Circuit Wizard is the most useful and usable software of its type. It will be the only electronics software I use from now onwards.  
R. A. Handley, Head of Technology
Darlaston Science College, Wednesbury
    Circuit Wizard is excellent and helps to make the teaching of Electronic Products much easier for students and teachers alike.  
Andrew MacTavish, Electronics Department
Ashby School, Ashby-De-La-Zouch
    Circuit Wizard is very easy and intuitive to use... I am so pleased that I have finally got the right software (we bought Crocodile Technology first—big mistake!)… Overall, I would give Circuit Wizard an A+.  
Mr. Rogers, Design and Technology
Edgbarrow School, Crowthorne
    Excellent product—saves so much time and materials.  
Mark Holgate, Design Technology Department
St. Anthony’s Catholic Girls School, Sunderland
    Circuit Wizard is superb. The ability to use circuit design and PCB design in one package is a big step forward…  
Kevin Downing, Electronics Department
Brinsworth Comprehensive School, Rotherham
    Excellent product. Circuit Wizard has completely replaced Croc Clips as the circuit simulation and PCB design software in this department.  
David Stosiek, Electronics Department
Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester
    Circuit Wizard has transformed the way I teach. I am now able to cover theory within 2 terms for GCSE!  
Mr. Priest, Design Technology
Tapton School, Sheffield
    Very good, with little instruction students are able to put together simulations in no time at all… We have used it with both KS4 and National Diploma students and it is a major improvement over what we had previously.  
Kevin Griffin, Electronics Department
Boston College, Boston
    Very good, simple to use software. Have recommended it to other educational establishments.  
Sion Gravell, Engineering Department
Coleg Menai, Bangor
    I am extremely happy with Circuit Wizard. I give it 10 out of 10 for effort and an ‘A’ grade for achievement. Well done!  
Mr. Hemsley, Design & Technology
Sir William Robertson High School, Lincoln
    Excellent the PCB simulation facility has changed the way I teach testing to my students.  
Mr. Walker, Design Technology Department
BETHS Grammar School, Bexley
    We recently purchased and are now using Circuit Wizard. It's a great piece of software and we are pleased that we decided to purchase it instead of continuing to subscribe to your well known rival [Crocodile Technology + real-PCB].  
Andy MacTavish, Electronics Department
Ashby Grammar School, Leicestershire
    Circuit Wizard is very impressive and will greatly enhance pupils' understanding of complex concepts. The virtual instruments in particular are brilliant for helping pupils with fault finding.  
Peter Ives, Technology Teacher
AQA Moderator for Electronic Products
Ryedale School, York
    Wow! The ability to test a PCB before making it will save a lot of fault finding time... Circuit Wizard's performance really impressed me as it managed to accurately simulate all the circuits I drew.  
William Shaw, Technology Teacher
Queen Elizabeth’s High School, Gainsborough
    Magic! To be able to test your PCB before making it in real-life is amazing… I found Circuit Wizard to be an excellent product, particularly with my average and below average GCSE Systems and Control students. Well done New Wave Concepts!  
Mrs. A. Tyrrell, Head of Technology
St. Bedes School, Redhill
    I was amazed at the speed of the auto-routing. It only took 30 seconds to complete – far quicker than PCB Wizard could have managed… The virtual multimeter is an extraordinary teaching aid for demonstrating how the real thing works.  
Damian McVeigh, Principle Technology Technician
St. Louis Grammar School, Kilkeel
    I think it was Arthur C. Clarke who said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Circuit Wizard is close to magic.  
Torben Steeg
School of Education, University of Manchester
    It is much easier to go from circuit diagrams to PCB layouts in Circuit Wizard than it is to import circuits from Crocodile Clips into PCB Wizard. I will be using Circuit Wizard from now on in preference to Crocodile Clips and PCB Wizard.  
Alan Pinder, Head of Technology
Moat Community College, Leicester
    The ability to simulate circuits and then have your successful design automatically converted into a working, testable 'live' PCB makes construction much easier, and critically, more understandable for pupils building their PCBs… A nice touch is the wide range of batteries and other power sources that allow pupils to accurately model the size of their finished cases… Circuit Wizard breaks down the mental barrier many pupils have between the circuit diagram and the PCB. They understand their circuit diagrams but often have difficulties relating to the less logical PCB layout. Now the PCB works like the real thing, pupils are able to better understand what they are designing… This is so intuitive that I can see KS2 children using the program to do science experiments... I think Circuit Wizard represents the biggest step forward in electronics since Crocodile Clips v2 and PCB Wizard v2 came onto the scene nearly a decade ago.  
Andrew Booker, Technology Teacher
Kirk Hallam Technology College, Ilkeston
    PCB simulation is excellent. All tests can now be carried out on screen instead of cluttering the workbench with test equipment… Overall Circuit Wizard is a very good package and I am sure it will be popular with schools.  
John Henserson, Principal Technician
Belfast Education and Library Board, Northern Ireland
    Very impressive! The simulation of the multimeter matches exactly the kit that pupils have in class, which makes it great for teaching.  
Chris Brown, Head of Technology
Dereham Neatherd High School, Dereham
    The PCB simulation is wonderful. Students can easily see if their PCB works using Circuit Wizard and they can then check the on-screen simulation against the manufactured PCB…The elementary 3D components will be very useful, especially with younger pupils who need more assistance to visualize circuits… In conclusion, Circuit Wizard is a great addition to the whole business of modelling electronics. I think it will become the standard package in education.  
Averil Morrow, Technology Advisor
Southern Education & Library Board, Northern Ireland
    Overall Circuit Wizard is an excellent tool for teaching electronics. The graphics for components and instruments are very realistic and intuitive to use... Circuit Wizard’s simulation will prove particularly useful at Key Stage 3 and with simple Key Stage 4 work.  
Roger Titley, Electronics Teacher
Applemore College, Southampton
    PCB simulation is outstanding, simplicity itself. Well  
Mr. Mirek Dorotyz, Technology Teacher
Towneley High School, Burnley
    The simulation in Circuit Wizard is much simpler to use [than Livewire]. I like the probes and the fact that the graph region opens up instantly... The window showing the pot control is a nice idea – it makes it clear what the student is changing and means that the circuit remains uncluttered for copy/paste to written reports… PCB simulation is a very nice feature!  
Steve Woolley, Technology Teacher
Bancroft’s School, Essex
    Why would anyone buy Livewire and PCB Wizard, when this [Circuit Wizard] is 1 + 1 = 6. An excellent product.  
Mark Gooding, Head of Technology
Billericay School, Billericay
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